Teenagers soft skills session

A 3 hour workshop with horses dedicated only to teenagers aged 12 to 17. 

Work on your soft skills, become aware of your body language and what you send out unconsciously, and make new connections!

  • Self-confidence - learn that just being yourself is perfect!
  • Awareness - how do others perceive me?
  • Friendships - make new friends and be part of a team
  • Communication - improve congruency, body language and clear communication
  • Motivation - you can achieve anything if your mind is set on it

A safe space also for non-riders

You don't need to be a rider - you don't even need to have any experience with horses.
We will stay on the ground, and start very slowly in getting to know these big, yet soft animals. 

Also, the atmosphere in this small workshops will be a safe container where you can just be who you are.
Horses are not interested in your nationality, what clothes you wear, etc. - they only care about you as a person. 

There is no judging, no right or wrong, no mistakes.
There is only learning.

We work in small groups - max 5 participants - and of course adhere to social distancing. The exercises are done individually with the horse, from the ground, and then reflected upon in the group with the facilitator.


  • 4.30pm

Meeting. Welcome drinks, introduction, safety agreement

  • 5.00pm

Meeting the horses, introduction of the participants, first connections (outdoors)
Individual leading exercises
Individual exercises around trust and respect

  • 7.00pm

Wrap up session - what do you take away? What have you learned?

  • 7.30pm

Session ends

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Interested in Teenager workshop

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Feel free to contact me on monica@feel-quest.com if you have any questions!
See you soon in the stable!

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