Do you love horses and want to start your own consulting business?

You can do what I did and engage horses for a powerful, transformational and beautiful way to offer consulting with a twist...
If you are looking to start your own consulting business and are a horse lover, you should think about adding Horse Guided Empowerment® to it.

start your own conuslting business horses online certification

Why start your own consulting business with horses?

In this method, which you can learn self-paced online with our live mentoring support, we take the business outdoors and help individuals as well as corporates get to the roots of what is stopping them. In interactive sessions and activities purely from the ground, taking in the feedback of the horses, we help them find new solutions and ideas to become successful.

It works anywhere in the world, as horses naturally don't judge nor care about nationalities, and we tap into non verbal communication. 

Why I love this job?

For me, the key in offering this type of coaching or consulting work is that I get to work outdoors, in touch with nature, in a very respectful way engaging with people and with horses.

  • The horses are never forced to do anything, on the contrary. 
  • We appreciate their honest opinion and if they stop or say no, we always ask "why", and find another way.
  • The horses truly love this kind of work as, different than in the equestrian world, they have a choice, and they can just be a horse.
  • The more natural they live, the better the coaching works. 

What do you need to start this work?

You truly don't need much except a passion and love for horses and the willingness to learn.

If you are already thinking to start your own consulting business, you probably are already in the right mindset and want to help companies and people. 

Combine this with all the tools and tips we give you in the Horse Guided Empowerment® course, become certified, and you will be adding the most amazing shortcut to fulfill your dream job.
You will quickly discover that in the sessions with the horses, you reach results much faster, clients are happier and more engaged, and will recommend you to their colleagues. 

Very important:

  • You don't need your own stable or horses.
  • Many facilitators collaborate with existing stables in their area and take their clients there. 

How does it work?

marzmethod horse guided empowerment online course certified facilitator

Head over to the website of the founder of the method Horse Guided Empowerment® - Christina Marz.
Christina is based in Ecuador, I am the mentor for the Middle East region - but we are a worldwide community of students and facilitators and like I said, it doesn't matter where you are based geographically.

Sign up for the course and schedule a call with us to know more.
You can start whenever you are ready, watch the videos in the online class room, read all the books and materials, and join our whats app group as well as bi-weekly love calls on Zoom to meet with the other students, exchange your experiences and practice together.

In between the theoretical learning, you will then need to go and find a stable or horses in your area to start your practice sessions.
Our mentors and teachers will guide you with this.

In order to certify, you will need to submit a total of 15 documentations of your practice sessions, as well as hand in a theory test.
In the end, there will be a final session under supervision (if not in person, this can be an audio recording).
Depending on how fast you go through the course, the total process should take you around 3-6 months.

After that, you will be certified in Horse Guided Empowerment® and ready to start your own consulting business!
Read more on Christinas website now.

Which clients can you serve afterwards?

The course will give you lots of information to work with all kinds of clients and a lot will depend on your personal background and what other experience you have.
The main target clients are often:

  • Corporates and teams
  • Individuals looking for coaching and consulting 
  • Teenagers and children in need of support

We also have colleagues who specialize in families, or in a certain niche of groups.
It really is up to you - the horses will always tap into the core of what it means to be human - for them, age, nationality, job titles etc don't matter.
They just see the person standing in front of them and connect to this human being - in their eyes, we are all equal, and that is the beauty of this work....

Do you have questions?

Please reach out anytime - I would be happy to tell you if this is the right path for you and answer all your questions from being a long term student, facilitator and mentor!

I look forward to welcoming you to our Tribe soon!


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