A powerful coaching with horses

Are you looking for coaching or guidance, with quick, straight to the point feedback?
Welcome to FeelQuest!
A coaching where the horses will give you clear, direct, honest, but also non-judging feedback. 
A coaching where you come out feeling stronger, more self-confident, and with clarity on what you are capable of!

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Why coaching with horses?

Being social prey animals living in herd hierarchies, horses teach us about collaboration, self-awareness, clear communication and about the impact we have on others.

Because of their innate survival need to scan everything that is happening around them, they easily tune in to humans entering their field. At the same time, they seek harmony, and thus request us to be congruent, authentic and open when we are with them.

Their feedback is always honest, immediate, unbiased and non-judgemental, thus allowing us to see clearly who we really are, without feeling offended.

Both in group as well as in private sessions their interaction leads to incredible results in shifting people's awareness and choice. 

Corporate leadership training winter season 2022 / 2023

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Since centuries horses play an important role in the personal development of leaders - Kings and Emperors in their youth learned to gain the respect and trust of their horses before they were able to rule their people.

Horses request the finest leadership qualities from humans if they are to carry us into war:
charisma, a clear vision, direct communication, at the same time humility and accountability.

No, we don't ride a horse into battle during our management training!
However, we use the finely tuned non-verbal communication skills of the horse to develop emotional qualities in our participants which cannot be learned via books or videos.

Speak to me to find out how you can use the power of the herd to motivate and transform your leadership team! This winter is the best time for this fun, experiential and powerful learning in a beautiful space out in nature - in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh or beyond!

Personal sessions on demand

I offer private 90 min coaching sessions for high executives, female leaders or women who need to find their inner voice and strength again.
These sessions take place at Desert Palm Dubai, with the herd of the Equestrian Association for People of Determination (EAPD).
You will be in awe how the horses can quickly reveal what is holding you back, and help you to discover your innate strengths.
Book your session today.

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Corporate sessions and team buildings are offered from October onwards in Dubai's Melia Desert Palm Hotel, a green oasis at the outskirts of the city.

Alternatively, in Abu Dhabi's Mandara Equestrian Club and Riyadh Equestrian Center we have indoor facilities and can offer safe, spaced out trainings all throughout the year.

Just reach out and let's chat about the benefits, details and costs involved to fully align the people in your business, in a fully embodied experience, where we don't just talk, but walk the talk.
I look forward to hearing from you!


A glimpse of what we can offer: