The Art of Parenting 

A 5 week course guided by the horses

In 2012, I was introduced to the art of parenting...
And nothing could have prepared me for the reality!

Having my first baby changed my life more than I had expected. 
Both positive and negative, but truth is, life is very different now. 

Having children is an interesting, life changing, demanding and yet also very rewarding experience and in my opinion one that requires a lot of personal work and development on the parents side. 

As mothers and fathers, we are challenged every day.
Add to that a pandemic, children learning from home, insecurities about our jobs and existence, that all doesn't exactly help much!

Learn new strategies to become a calmer mother

In my course "The Art of Parenting" I work with mothers and fathers to help them work on their emotions, on their reactions, and work with them to become more relaxed parents.

How can we become happy, easy going, confident parents?

Be yourself

One on one sessions are also available on request, to find answers for your personal story.
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By being ourselves, and not playing a role that we think is expected from us.

Society, friends, grand parents, social media, our partners etc:
There is a lot of influence from outside and we often look to other families and compare.
That puts lots of strains and stress on the relationships with ourselves and our children, and is not helpful.

How can you be more yourself as a parent?

"The Art of Parenting" a 5 week workshop of self-exploration

I invite you to join me on a journey of self-exploration with my equestrian co-trainers. By allowing yourself to be steered by the subtle guidance of the horses, you will gradually unravel your fears and learn how to live from the heart, in harmony with others without compromising your own needs. 

Please watch my short video where I explain more details about the course:

Outline of the course

In the 5 weeks, we will go through the following themes, and practice these in different activities with the horses as well as in feedback rounds in the group:

  • Introduction and Discovery - how do I see myself, how am I perceived by others?
  • Leadership - leading from the heart, authentically and self-confident
  • Communications - verbally and non-verbally, communicating with emotions
  • Relationships - balancing trust and respect for harmonious relationships
  • Motivation and Negotiations - the subtle art of convincing others by engaging them emotionally

Dates tba

Currently this course is on hold, I will post new dates as soon as it is doable again.

I would love to hear from you if you are interested in this or similar courses, regardless where you are based. I am also planning to hold similar events in Abu Dhabi. 

Please drop me an email to register your interest at

Below is the location:

We are only taking a limited number of participants as we want to keep the groups very small and safe.

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