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I had just had a week of intensive psychiatric treatment, with sessions every day for an hour and a half. 

My insecurities were being projected onto my partner and I felt like I needed to talk to him about how I was feeling but I was scared. I was scared because I was never allowed to be Me. I was raised to be my mother's daughter and nobody else. So, now that I had someone in my life who I loved, I was afraid that if I did not fit his perception of me, that I would be punished - just like I was punished as a child for wanting to be Me. 

Meeting with you and the horses gave me the outside space to be in nature, and feel like Earth was on my side. My partner is naturally very comfortable with animals and watching him being circled by these beautiful horses gave me the feeling that the horses knew I was carrying a weight inside me and they were protecting him from my projections onto him. I read the horses protecting him as a sign that I have to learn to be open and honest with my partner. 

I cried. For the first time in our courtship, I let my walls come down and I cried in front of him. I told him of my darkest thoughts and he listened without judging me, or punishing me. He taught me that I am okay to be myself. 

It was at this point that the horses started to circle us together. They started by not letting me near my partner or favouring him. But as I began releasing my fears, they came to me. I will always remember feeling my layers come shattering down around me when the horses began approaching me. I felt accepted. I felt like I belonged and I felt whole. 

Since then, my partner and I have a heart-to-heart every week about how we're feeling and what we're carrying in our minds. And we don't do this because we time it, or plan it.. the horses helped us open our hearts to one another, and now we can't do anything other than love one another openly and freely - like the horses loved us.


My soul needed this session.
This was a magical and healing experience, being around the horses made me feel grounded and in peace.
I was able to connect with them especially with “Flo” a beautiful white horse who taught me a lot about communication and relationships as well as putting my guard down and trust people.
It was a much needed time for myself and a great way to practice self love and care. Definitely recommend this experience to anyone who needs to slow down to connect with themselves.
I felt like a new mom at the end of the session!

Thank you Sandy for your beautiful words! www.instagram.com/mymindfulmomlife

"My thoughts and feedback after my 2nd session, hope you can use it as a testimonial.

First, thank you for what you do, it's just amazing for me to be able to join these sessions.
I see my traits and I realise that these are what make me as a person and I don't have to hide them. I am proud of who I am and the horses helped me to see this. 

As a side note, I know I don't have much patience and I move pretty fast in thinking and action..today's exercise as a team only brought these traits up again that were a bit hidden 🙂

Today was exactly what I needed to get back on track and be myself again.
Thank you again so much!!  ❤️

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