What the media says about the coaching with horses

Media is a great way to help spread awareness of how horses can help humans. 
We all have the answers within us - we just need to listen, and the horses can help us with that.

Read on what others have said about this work:

Gulf News - February 2024

horses are helping heal trauma and stress Dubai

A great thank you to Lakshana Palat who came to meet me and Maria Ollero with the horses to understand how horses are helping humans in equine assisted therapy across Dubai. She also spoke to other experts in the field like Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist and the director of Dubai-based LightHouse Arabia, as well as Valentina Faia, a Dubai-based psychiatrist, for full insights into the topic and a great research piece on the quiet, unspoken relationship with these majestic, powerful creatures.

Read the full article here where you can also watch the video interview in the paddock with the horses. 

Hotelier Middle East - February 2024

Hotelier Middle East magazine Pavlina Melia Desert Palm Monica horse coaching retreats

Pavlina Tarabova Alghamdi, general manager at Melia Desert Palm and Monica Kubik, director of Horse Guided Empowerment Middle East and founder of FeelQuest Retreats, discuss their collaboration in this brilliant interview by Hotelier Middle East. 

Read the full interview about unique corporate wellbeing leadership retreats in this green oasis in Dubai here.

Khaleej Times

Khaleej Times Monica coaching horses dubai

Thank you Mazhar Farooqui for taking the time to come out and meet me and the horses and find out what the coaching with horses is all about. He wrote a nice article in Khaleej Times named "UAE: Meet the German expat who teaches leadership skills using horses".
Jigsaw was very excited to have a look at the print copy where the article made it to the font cover!

Read the full article on their page here.

The Brew News

Babar Siddiqui, Features Editor of TheBrewNews, came to meet me and find out more about the special bond that humans share with horses and how they can help us improve confidence and develop our personality.

Yoga Life Digital

 Viki Shah from Yoga Life Digital came to visit us at Desert Palm Dubai to find out for herself how horses can help people, be it mental health issues like anxiety, depression or insecurities, or physical impairments like children with special needs. 

Read her entire and profound article on https://yogalifedigital.com/horses-as-healers

Radio Dubai Eye 103.8 

Listen to the podcast from the afternoon show with Helen Farmer on Radio Dubai Eye. Nathalie Cockayne. General Manager at Meliá Desert Palm and myself chatted about the benefits of equine therapy, both for children of determination as well as adults with mental health issues and corporate teams.

Listen to the recording here!

L'Officiel Arabia 

2020, an undoubtedly tough year is finally drawing to a close. 

To begin the new year on a positive note, polo resort, Meliã Desert Palm Dubai has launched ‘Team building with horses’, in collaboration with a charitable organisation, EAPD (Equestrian Association for People of Determination and MSB Connect, experts in horse-guided empowerment and corporate coaching.

Read the full article in L'Officiel Arabia on their website...

Hotelier Middle East 

Dubai's Meliã Desert Palm hotel has introduced a new package designed to help people's mental health.

The polo resort has launched 'team building with horses’, in collaboration with charitable organisation, EAPD (Equestrian Association for People of Determination) and MSB Connect, experts in horse-guided empowerment and corporate coaching.

The hotel says the benefits of equine assisted therapy date back to ancient Greek times when horses were used for therapeutic riding. The treatment was also used in 1946 to speed up the recovery of polio patients across Scandinavia.

Find the entire article in Hotelier Middle East...

Middle East News 247

In a unique new method of human development coaching, Monica Kubik, a German national who has been living in Dubai since 2006, offers private and corporate sessions in Horse guided Empowerment®.

By observing the reactions of the horses around her clients and vice versa, she can help them uncover what is hidden “behind the mask” which we often put up in social settings.

Read the full story on Middle East News 247...

Vogue Arabia 

alternative healing therapies UAE equine therapy vogue

Alternative Therapies That Can Help Heal Your Soul:

The relationship between humans and horses dates back millennia. Working across the UAE, Monica Kubik from MSB Connect harnesses this connection to offer equine therapy. A session begins by entering the arena or paddock and speaking through any issues. “Observing the horses’ reactions and how these differ from person to person is an amazing way to teach people about themselves, and about what makes us human,” says Kubik. By taking note of their subconscious, clients can often resolve the problems quicker, coming up with new ideas and solutions.

Read the full article here...

Expat Aktuell 

Uschi Mahl runs the newsletter for the German speaking expat community in the United Arab Emirates since many years and is well known amongst the Germans.

She has interviewed me in May 2019 to find out more about the leadership courses I offer with the horses in cooperation with Ride to Rescue at Mandara Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi. 

Read Uschi's in depth article on her website - auf Deutsch natürlich!

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