Corporate and private coaching at Melia Desert Palm

See yourself in a new light through the help of horses!

Melia Desert Palm, just on the outskirts of Dubai, offers the perfect setting for a session away from the office where participants can learn about themselves either in one on one coaching or team trainings.

Regardless if it is a group or an individual session:
The horses have an innate ability of holding up a mirror in front of us that lets us see ourselves through unbiased, non-judging eyes.
If we are open to listen to their feedback, we can learn a great deal about what truly matters to us and what lies at the core of our issues. 

In the midst of 5 (!) green Polo Fields, under the shade of hundreds of palm trees which are filled with a variety of different bird species tchirping happily along, live a herd of 9 therapy horses owned by the Equestrian Association for People of Determination (EAPD). When they are not helping children with special needs, they are our partners in the Horse Guided Empowerment and Leadership sessions. 

It has taken me years to find such a beautiful setting in Dubai, where the horses spend hours together as a herd grazing on fresh grass. Whilst this is normal in many other parts of the world and vital for the mental and physical wellbeing of the horses, in Dubai it is still rare - for once of course as it is difficult to keep the grass growing, but also because most stables prefer to keep the horses apart.

However, working with the feedback of the entire herd is what makes the Horse guided Empowerment® so unique. We give horses and people a choice - the choice of deciding which horse they want to work with, and the horses a choice of participation. In every session, different horses will either approach or retreat - important feedback for the facilitator, as usually there is a reason when the horses are interested in some people, when they all stay at the far end of the paddock, or when a horse that usually doesn't like to be touched by strangers suddenly allows a team to stand around and pet her.  

Hotel, resort and stable in one

Aside of the horse herd, the entire setting at Desert Palm Dubai is very favorable for retreats and workshops. It is only 20 min away from Downtown Dubai and 15 min from the airport, yet gives the feeling of being completely out of the city. 

The boutique hotel Melia Desert Palm Dubai is ideal for overnight stays, to enjoy a delicious lunch during the workshops or a sundowner on their terrace overlooking the polo fields with the skyline in the background afterwards. Their F&B team also arranges the catering for our coffee breaks at the stable. 


The stable and clubhouse of EAPD is inside Desert Palm (Google Maps:

Please note that the Google Maps direction is not 100% accurate as it does not recognize the last road inside the area.
Therefore, as soon as you enter the gate please follow the below directions:

Coming from E44 at the roundabout go straight through the security gate.

Tell security you are going to the EAPD stable.
Continue up the road, over 3 speed bumps.

Turn RIGHT at first sand road (dirt road between the green pastures)
Continue through paddocks and you will see the white clubhouse from EAPD, the first building on your left side.

This is where we will meet.

Send me a message or whats app if you would like to schedule a visit and find out more about the sessions we offer!

I look forward to meeting you. 


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