Horse Guided Empowerment for individuals

Whether you need a therapy or not - Horse Guided Empowerment works for anyone.

I offer individual coaching sessions with the horses where we look at any issues you may have in your private or work life - anxiety, stress, burn out, if you are unsure about a specific route in life to take or face an important decision, whether you just want to release some anger or grief - the horses can help you with that.

I don't have my own herd of horses, and work flexible in cooperation with different stables and clients in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, depending where you are and what you need. 

How does a session work?

Each coaching session consists of a few main parts: 
A safety agreement, followed by some grounding exercises and then meeting the horses.
From there on, we see what comes up and work with the client to get to the core of the problem and find new solutions.

The reactions of the horses guide us along the way.

Why horses?

Horses are non judging, very intuitive and sensitive to our body language and even the tiniest signals our body sends out unconsciously.

They live only in the present moment and react immediately to us and what we are sending out - this gives us real time feedback and also allows for change, as they are open to evaluate each moment new. If you change something - your body movement, or maybe even just change your intention - you get a different result.

Because they are so big, their reactions are very visible - they almost act like a magnifying glass and thus assist me as the practitioner to see what is really going on inside you. 

Why empowerment and not therapy?

Empower: "to give someone more control over their life or more power to do something"

The definition says it very clearly:
The concept is to give the person control or power into their hands.

Empowering thus means not that we tell someone what to do in a specific situation, but rather give them the tools so they can come up with their own solution. 

Focus on the solution, not the problem

That is also what I like about Horse Powered Empowerment - the focus is not so much on the problem, on something that happened in the past.

It is about letting the client see and focus on the solution, on the future and the next steps.

In Horse Guided Empowerment, the belief is that everyone deep down knows what is best for them - it is just about helping them find the answers within themselves.

And as I am myself a person who would shy away from asking a therapist or doctor for help if I had a psychological problem - what better way then to ask the horses!

Curious to know more and maybe book your own session?
 Just send me a message and I will be happy to give you a call and talk you through what we can do!

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