Our Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics which we fulfill in all our sessions of „Horse Guided Empowerment®“ is based on respecting fundamental values, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and horses.

Whenever a client is served under the name of Horse Guided Empowerment® / Empoderamiento con Caballos®, he/she can trust that all rules and conditions presented in this „Code of Ethics” are respected under any circumstances.

  • We always take care of the physical and emotional state of our client, serving him/her the best we can, and striving for the most effective way to help him/her in his process of development. 
  • We implement the therapeutic interventions in a respectful and tolerant way, always keeping in mind the complexity of the personal situation and reality of every single client. 
  • We always respect the clients´ rights for privacy and confidentiality. 
  • We evaluate the outreach of our profession in an honest way. In case we are not able to handle a client´s situation, we will find support or refer the client to other professionals. 
  • We do not slow down or retain the process of our client for economical reasons. • We work together with the worldwide team of HGE/ EcC®. We share experiences and stay up to date with science and investigations to constantly improve the knowledge and tools of HGE/ EcC®. 
  • We evaluate our own development and increase our knowledge through continuing education. We ask for help and supervision when needed, and constantly search for opportunities to improve. 
  • We keep possible risks at a minimum and never jeopardize the safety of a client or horse. 
  • We continuously observe and evaluate the physical and mental health of the horses and actively work to improve their well-being through care, training or a change in handling.

I, Monica Kubik, Facilitator License Number 092-2020, hereby agree to abide this code of ethics in every single moment of my role as a facilitator of HGE®/EcC®, always aiming towards the highest quality standard in my service and knowing that non-compliance may result in revoking my certification.

Monica Kubik Horse guided Empowerment certificate

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