Vulnerability based Trust as a basis for cohesive teams

and the power of the herd

2020 has left all of us very vulnerable, unsure of what is coming next, realizing that life can take some unexpected quick turns and changes.

  • How do you lead your team through these uncertain times?
  • How do you keep up the trust and motivation in your team?
  • How do you manage teams and people that rarely see each other in person? 

Building a cohesive team

A cohesive team is a successful team.

It is a team where each member can rely on his colleagues, also in times of stress, and tight deadlines, no matter the cultural differences.

Teams that remain united are more likely to succeed in the projects that they set out to do, whether it’s a sports team, a military unit, or a team in the corporate or government sector.

The foundation of a cohesive team is trust.

Without an authentic and vulnerable trust, a truly cohesive team cannot exist. Team members must feel safe to be genuinely transparent with one another.

Use the presence of the horses to allow your team to share what they are struggling with right now, to build an atmosphere of trust and authenticity.

Why horses?

Being very social animals living in herd hierarchies, horses teach us about collaboration, self-awareness, clear communication and about the impact we have on others.

They help us fine-tune our social intelligence and soft skills by acting like a mirror to our inner emotions and intentions.

A safe space to be open and vulnerable

This course is a safe space, both emotionally and physically.

The horses are used to working with beginners, and are very calm. No prior horse experience is needed.

Emotionally, in the small groups we encourage an atmosphere that acts as a safe container.
There is no right or wrong, there are no mistakes, and there is no judging.
There is only learning.

Social distancing and all required measures will be observed, and we only work in small teams.

Contact me to grow vulnerability based trust in your team

We offer customized sessions in Abu Dhabi or Dubai to deepen the bond between people. 

If your team is working on any specific project or faces particular challenges, we would be happy to integrate these into the day.

The main goal of the day is to give people the space and time to meet in a safe and open place, and to get to know their colleagues on a deeper level.

We will focus on the emotional aspects that cannot be transmitted via remote working, to build a team that can trust each other.

For details: or
Mobile +971 50 2512 480

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