EmpowerMe© - the new online course for riders

A power journey inward with Christina Marz and Monica Kubik starting October 12th, 2021

Discover how to influence the horses' well-being, attitude, and performance
with an innovative approach influenced by
🌿 Psychology,
🌿 Embodiment Coaching,
💞and of course, Horse Guided Empowerment©

Finally, we are sharing our knowledge in human and horse psychology not only with people who need coaching or therapy, but also with those who are closest to horses:
Riders and owners!

In this new online course which only happens twice a year, we want to share live what you can learn from your horse for your own personal growth, and ultimately to build a better connection through true, self-aware horsemanship. 

I am grateful that through the internet we have the chance to spread our message worldwide, reach many horse people and thus help improve many relationships.
We can't wait to meet you and your horses soon!

When: 12.10.2021 Starting date. Zoom calls every Tuesday for 3 months
Who: Riders of all disciplines and levels, as well as horse owners who choose not to ride,
and students who are still dreaming of their own horse. 
How much: 290 USD Special Introductory Price

What is this course all about?

An online course combining human psychology, horse behaviour and natural horsemanship, led in live zoom sessions by Christina Marz and Monica Kubik.
The course is for dedicated horse people who are willing to grow on a personal level, to look within and seek an authentic connection with themselves and their horses.

During 3 months you get:

  • Weekly zoom calls to talk you through the theory 
  • Weekly zoom calls in a peer group to discuss in person your practice, and chat to like-minded people
  • Virtual classroom with videos, worksheets, book recommendations and much more
  • Facebook community to exchange experiences, ideas, ask for feedback

What it is not:

This is NOT another horsemanship course - we may teach you some techniques, but mostly this is a journey about you - who are you as a person? 
Not just in the stable but also in life?

And how is that reflected by your horse? 

How can you read the reactions of your horse to learn about yourself?
And how can this in return help you develop a more honest, more profound relationship with your horse?

Who is the course for?

Not only for horse owners, but for all horseman and horsewomen who are interested to improve the relationship with their horse. You don’t even need access to the same horse weekly - if you can be self-aware, you can connect with any horse easily!

Nevertheless, for the homework practice you should be able to go and spend time with a horse or a herd at least once a week.

You don’t need to be a professional rider, these activities are not difficult to do with your horse, but they require a willingness to look within.
We want to empower YOU!
You don’t need special equipment and it is irrelevant which style you are riding and at which level.

It’s about personal self-development - more about you and less about the horse.

Learning Plan and Schedule - Starting date October 12th, 2021

We will take you through 6 BIG Topics in the course.
Each topic will be discussed for two weeks, which gives us a total of 12 weeks together.

💡The structure is as follows:

👩‍🏫Week 1: Your tutors, Christina and Monica, host a 90 Minute Zoom call to discuss the topic in depth.
After the class, you get a homework assignment to practice with your horse.

💞Week 2: You will meet in a smaller peer group to discuss in detail what you practiced with your horse;
You get to share in detail with other like-minded people, give and take feedback on your specific situation
and connect to some of our certified HGE facilitators who will be supervising the peer groups.  

👉All the time: Come to our private Facebook group where you can share your practice photos or videos, 
ask the wider community for feedback, or research a certain topic. 

Course Dates 2021:

  • Tuesday 12th October          Lesson 1: Are we really alike? Human and Equine Psychology, Herd behavior
  • Tuesday 19th October          Peer group call

  • Tuesday 26th October          Lesson 2: Attitude is everything. Embodiment and HeartMath© Techniques
  • Tuesday 2nd November       Peer group call

  • Tuesday 9th November        Lesson 3: Grounding 101. Why, how, when.
  • Tuesday 16th November      Peer group call

  • Tuesday 23rd November      Lesson 4: Who am I? Discover yourself through Embodiment and lessons from your horse
  • Tuesday 30th November      Peer group call

  • Tuesday 7th December        Lesson 5: Leadership made easy. We have the tricks for everyone.  
  • Tuesday 14th December      Peer group call

  • Tuesday 21st December      Lesson 6: Boundaries 101. Yes and No: Why, how, when.  
  • Tuesday 28th December      Peer group call 

  • In January: Submit your final assignment to receive the "We are EMPOWERED Certificate."

Timings are 6pm CET
(Ecuador 11pm, London 5pm, Berlin 6pm, Dubai 8pm)

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Make sure you subscribe in time for this year! 

First session on Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 at 6pm CET

Your tutors and mentors:

Online Training, Heart Math, Ecuador, South America, horses, psychology
Dubai, Middle East, Aikido, Embodiment, Coaching with horses, Feelquest, Feelquest Retreats, Monica Kubik

Payment and Money-back

This course has limited seat capacity because you will have questions and we will want to answer them.
As a courtesy to the waitlist, we do not offer a trial period or money-back guarantee.
If you really are afraid you might hate the course, you shouldn't buy it yet, but ask us more details about it at +593 983591568 Christina or +971 50 251 2480 Monica.

We are real people.
Talk to us! 

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