Learning management systems and other theories:
What then?
How do you bring your learnings into life?

Learning about management systems - and then practicing with horses how to execute the learnings! In Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Learning management systems is a crucial part of becoming a successful team leader in the corporate world, there is no doubt about that.
However, I would like to shift your view to look beyond those systems, and into your personal management or leadership style.

Theory and execution

Learning the theories - be it through a bachelors or masters degrees, or more job specific in management seminars and vocational trainings - is without doubt the basics of being successful, no matter which industry.

Theories and learning, reading, studying help us to justify our actions, give us a foundation and help to understand the bigger picture and to know what should be done.

Systems help us to put procedures in place, to give guidance to employees and to have a frame and processes in place which make sure everyone knows the rules and is clear about what is allowed and what not.

However, little though is often given, and much less taught in business schools, about how the theory should be exectued in a specific situation.

From learning management systems to actioning them?

In the majority of today's leadership roles, learning management systems and knowing the theories is not enough any more.
In most of today's jobs, leading is much more.
Leading means guiding, motivating and encouraging people - and this people management is something which is still given too little attention.

So how do you use your learnings to get your people to do what you want them to do?

It's personal

How to transfer your learned management systems into action is a subject being taught so little because it is very personal and differs from team to team, country to country, situation to situation!

With some of your team members you need to be strict, others need to be given creative freedom.

Sometimes you need to give tight guidelines and push to get them actioned, at other times you need to involve your team in the decision making.

You need to find a balance between caring for your employees, at times also listening to their private problems to get them motivated and understand why they struggle, at other times you have to clearly be the boss in order to get the job done.

Learning the practical side of leadership from horses! Dubai and Abu Dhabi HorseDream courses

This is where our horses come into play

This personal leadership style is exactly what our horses are best at.
There is hardly any other training method which focuses so clearly on your very own personality and your personal style of dealing with people.

Our horses help you to understand what is important to you, to the people around you, and how you can make the best of your own qualities, to bring out the best in your people.

We cannot play roles during our whole work life, and just copying what works for others is not always going to work for us. Our team will know if we are faking our behaviour.

Therefore, a really successful leader is one who is authentic, honest, and who can follow his intuition and just behave the way he or she is.
Yes, you need to know the theories and the basic skills, but then you need to find your own leadership style, one that honours your personal qualities and which will make you happy and successful in your role.

To find out more about yourself and how you can go down this path, book a day with our horses in Dubai or Abu Dhabi!
Or anywhere else in the world, with one of our worldwide HorseDream Partners.

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