Horse Psychology and Natural Horsemanship

Workshop on Friday 31st January 2020, Murquab, Dubai-Al Ain Road

Christina and her horse Flamenco

A unique seminar on horse psychology and natural horsemanship suitable for Horse Owners, Riders, Veterinary Practitioners and Stable Managers.

You will become aware of the horses' specific body language and learn how to interpret it.
This will help you to understand herd movements as well as individual behavior which is useful for developing specific training programs.

We will help you understand your horse with very simple means (no expensive material is necessary) and to analyze where it needs help.
You will be amazed by how much your relationship to the horse and your athletic performance will improve after this course.

Our body language

Our body language alone can work wonders and we will show you how to use it effectively on the ground, whether you are a beginner or have been riding for years.

The course includes hands-on practice, plus a manual with useful exercises and information. 

The topics at a glance:
Herd behavior, Friendship Training, Correction, Leadership, Communication


9.30 - 17.30

  • Welcome, Agenda, sign disclaimer

  • Presentation of participants and goal setting (for example: find a specific solution for a problem with your horse, learn more in general, make a decision about your horses, move towards Natural horsemanship etc)

  • Short introduction to Equine Psychology and herd behavior (talk + observation)

  • Greet the horses and apply basic knowledge (sharing territory, how to approach, how to read body language)

  • Move the horses (apply herd based leadership strategies and energy levels)

  • Questions and Answers (specific problems, their explanation and possible creative solutions)

  • Parelli Quadrants of Equine characters (Horsenality) and its meaning for training. Theory and practice. Evaluation of several horses. 

  • Strategies for in depth assessment of a horse (safety, tools, creativity & friendly game, record keeping) 

  • Questions and Answers and/or training plans

  • Specific exercises and interventions for correcting unwanted behavior/ forming character / shaping physical abilities (based on Resnick Waterhole Rituals and Parelli NH) 

  • Closing circle. Possibilities & limits. Where to find more information. 


The course costs the following:

  • 800 AED for participants (booked out but please get in touch if you are interested - maybe we can set up another date)
  • 400 AED for spectators (slots available, can watch and learn but not participate actively) 

includes lunch and snacks


Christina Marz Ring

Christina is a family counselor, trauma specialist, and natural horsemanship expert. The German national studied psychology and now lives with herds of horses in Ecuador. 
She is the founder of Horse Guided Empowerment, an innovative method that combines Psychotherapy and Coaching with the guiding principles of natural horse management and non-violent training techniques.

Christina will be in Dubai early 2020 to bring her concept to the Middle East.
If you are interested in learning her full method, you can also join the 6 day workshop followed by online teaching and learning. More information here.

Monica Kubik

A German national, Monica was born and raised in different countries of Latin America, learning to constantly make new connections from a very young age. She has been living in Dubai since 2006, organizing events and trade exhibitions.

Monica also has many years of vast experience with horses all over the world and in different disciplines.
Since 2016, she is working with horses in corporate leadership trainings, providing clients valuable and long lasting insights into how they can better connect to themselves, their teams, and others around them.

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