Women leadership in UAE

women leadership course with horses in UAE, Abu Dhabi

Women empowerment and Women leadership in UAE have been on the rise in the past years.
The countries' leaders promote the establishment of more jobs for women in the United Arab Emirates, they want to see more females in leadership positions and overall run various campaigns to get the second half of the population active in the workforce.

What does this mean for the Arab woman?

There has never been a better time for women in the UAE to actively take part in shaping the nation's future. Women can now be seen in all kinds of positions - from pilots to ministers, doctors, banking directors, to ambassadors and fashion designers.

Although a couple of years ago the number of Emirati women in the workforce was still very low, this has increased rapidly.

In the government sector, the employment of Emirati women tripled from 22% in 2005, to 66% in 2015.
With the rapid change this country has undergone in the past decades, experiencing massive improvements in lifestyle, choices and possibilities from one generation to the next, it is of uttermost importance that the women are prepared for their new roles.

Even though the surroundings have changed with amazing speed, it is very hard to change family traditions with equal speed.
And even though we need to admit that Arab women in the UAE experience a lot of freedom, they are often still not treated the same as their brothers, yet in the corporate world, are expected to deliver equally.

How can we prepare the women for their leadership role?

Apart from their formal education, there are also other qualitities that have to be encouraged if we want to have strong women leadership in UAE:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-awareness
  • The ability to get others to follow
  • Trust in their intuition
  • Empathy with others

Women and horses

So how can the future female leaders benefit from a day with the horses?
Horses have a lot of qualities which draw women to them, and which can help them to grow from within:

  • Horses are very intuitive, sensitive and emphatic animals, therefore connecting well with women
  • They communicate with small, non-verbal gestures - which women are often more likely to notice than men
  • They request authenticity and presence in the moment, and also clear communication and strong guidance
  • The horses will show the women in a gentle, non-offensive way where they currently stand, where they need to improve, and where they are already strong at.

Safety is of uttermost importance.
Even fear of horses is not a problem - we will convince anyone within the first hour that horses can be trusted and are willing to work collaboratively with us if we approach them with the right intentions.

Women leadership in UAE: Self-development courses

We can facilitate female-only leadership courses in a closed, fully private setting near Abu Dhabi.
Contact us today for details and pricing.

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