Woman and horse - an intense connection

The woman and horse relationship is one that often starts at a young girls age.
There is something that draws them to these majestic animals.

Why is that?
What is it that draws especially women to horses?


I was one of those girls myself. Even though my parents had no interest in horses at all, I somehow found ways to connect with them already at a young age.
At 7 I was lucky enough to convince my parents to get regular riding lessons, that time in Brazil.

The fondest memories I have of that time are not necessarily about the riding as such, although it is amazing how far the trust of a small child into this huge animal goes - and how that trust is never misused by the horse.

Most of my early memories around horses are of the times we were allowed to just wander around the stable when the riding lesson was over, go onto huge grass fields where mothers and foals were peacefully grazing, touching or simply being there with the horses.

Often times, just being around these four-legged creatures evokes peacefulness in us humans and can still our minds.
Something which women, always having our minds multi-tasking and thinking about a thousand things at the same time, are probably more desperate for than men!

Beauty and strength

There are many old symbolisms and myths around horses - magical unicorns, strong centaurs - half man and half horse, a flying Pegasus with a long, wild mane.

All these stories combine beauty and strength, softness and power in one single living being.
One typically masculine and one feminine adjective which the horse easily and gracefully can both hold, something which we women often struggle with.

The horse teaches us how we can be both at the same time, and that one does not exclude the other.
You can be strong and stand up for what is important to you - in an elegant way, without force and without loosing your feminine softness.
Beauty is a natural gift. Any free and healthy horse looks beautiful, and probably even more without a braided mane, tack in matching colours or an expensive saddle.


Horses are very sensitive animals and unless disturbed by wrong treatment and upbringing, they live in a very emotional, intuitive world. They react to feelings, and emotions are even part of their way of communicating with each other.

Think of a wild herd in the prairie:
As soon as one member of the herd senses danger, in a split second the whole herd is alert and ready to flee if necessary -  the fast transmition of emotions and being finely tuned into each other is part of their survival strategy.

Horses today have still preserved these fine senses and are able to listen and feel our emotions.
Listening to your intuitions and acting on what you feel is therefore the best way to truly connect between woman and horse, and is also what gives us an advantage over men when dealing with these animals.

The best horseman (and horsewomen) in the world are successful and able to achieve amazing connections with horses because they listen to their intuition and to the horse - not because they are using specials tools or techniques.

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