Empowering women in leadership

Women in leadership roles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have witnessed a remarkable ascent, reflecting the nation's commitment to gender equality and empowerment. I have since 2006 myself seen the amazing results this empowerment had on the country's economy!

Over recent years, the UAE has actively promoted women's participation in various sectors, including government, business, and education.
The appointment of women to key ministerial positions and leadership roles in major corporations underscores the country's progressive stance.

Emirati women have demonstrated exceptional competence, driving innovation and fostering inclusive decision-making processes. Their growing influence not only symbolizes societal evolution but also contributes significantly to the UAE's vision of a diversified and inclusive future.

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How our unique leadership trainings contribute

Our unique approach to leadership training has played, and still does, an important role in the development of the competencies of women in leadership positions.

Leadership training with horses offers unique benefits to women in leadership roles, fostering invaluable skills and insights.

Horses, with their sensitivity to non-verbal cues and emphasis on trust-building, provide a dynamic platform for honing communication, empathy, and assertiveness.

For women navigating leadership roles, often in male-dominated environments, equine-assisted training offers a safe space to explore leadership styles authentically.
Interacting with horses promotes self-awareness, confidence, and the ability to command respect through presence rather than dominance.

Moreover, the immediate feedback from these majestic animals facilitates rapid learning and adaptation, empowering women to navigate complex leadership challenges with grace and effectiveness.

Book corporate sessions in the UAE and the GCC countries 

Our team of female facilitators offers a variety of sessions specifically to empower women in leadership:

  • Half day programs with follow up in the office for junior roles 
  • Full day intensive training for mid level in small focus groups with a combination of psychometric analysis, video analysis and follow up sessions in the office 
  • A combination of full day training with a package of one on one development sessions for women in C level positions and above

Reach out today to arrange a meet and greet and discuss how we can help your company empower the women in your company and utilize their full potential!

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We can offer these sessions in a variety of locations:

  • Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • Muscat, Oman
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Doha, Qatar
    as well as in other cities worldwide. 

Please note that no sort of experience with horses is required for these leadership development workshops. 
All activities take place from the ground in a safe, respectful and fun manner.

For women in leadership who want to grow

For women who are aspiring leadership positions or are already there, we also offer the option to book your own private sessions, or join one of our transformational retreats around the world. Visit www.feelquestretreats.com to see all our upcoming retreats.
Most of them are ladies only retreats. Please note that we only travel in small groups, the locations offer limited spaces so make sure to book in advance. 
We look forward to helping you!

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