Team building in UAE with the help of horses

Do you want to try out a different, highly effective team building in UAE?
With deep and long lasting effects, where new connections are established?

Team building in UAE with horses - equine assisted learning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Nobody in the team requires any prior horse experience - the horses in this seminar are simply a medium, a mirror to help us see clearer and reflect our own behaviors.

Emotional learning

Horses have the capability to touch humans on an emotional level - be it fear, anxiety, respect, or joy, compassion, etc.
It is very hard to stay unemotional during an encounter with these big animals.

The learning and experiences made during a day with the horses are therefore more likely stored in long-term memory - unlike in a classroom setting, where majority of participants are not emotionally involved.

Taking charge

You also discover a lot about yourself and your colleagues, which will help to understand why you and others sometimes behave the way they do. In the team building trainings which are based on the HorseDream® concept we believe that in order to have a truly functional team, each member of the team should be willing and capable to take on leadership at certain times. This means, taking leadership and responsibility for my own actions, but also stepping into a leader role when needed, helping my team accomplish the task, and then also returning back to my previous position or into a different one, depending on the circumstances.

To find out more about the concept of shared leadership, have a look at this article from my colleagues from The Leadership Whisperers.

It has a lot to do with self-confidence, awareness of what is needed at this moment, and the confidence to take responsibility, all skills which the horses do teach us.

Speed up team building in UAE

Another very positive advantage of working with the horses is especially important for newly formed teams. Being together with the animals and going through the exercises of the HorseDream® team training, the participants in just one or two days go through all the four stages of the team development process, a model by Bruce Tuckman.

According to Tuckman the following four phases are all part of the group finding process and are necessary - in order for the team to grow, to face challenges, to tackle problems, to find solutions, to plan work and to deliver results.

1. Forming

  • Polite, impersonal, everyone working individually
  • Orientation stage: trying to find out the tasks and how to address the others
  • High dependance on leader for direction

2. Storming

  • First conflicts, development of sub-groups, personality clashes
  • Plenty of uncertainties persist
  • Some groups never move out of this phase
  • Leader is in a coaching position

3. Norming

  • Roles and responsabilities are clear and accepted
  • The team starts to share a common goal and works towards it
  • Team members are accepted as they are
  • Efforts made to move on
  • The risk is that team members are so focused on avoiding conflict that controversial ideas are not shared
  • Leader facilitates and enables

4. Performing

  • Team members are now motivated, autonomous and able to cooperate without supervision
  • Shared vision
  • Focus on over-achieving goals
  • Disagreements occur but are resolved positively within the team
  • Team members look after each other
  • Leader delegates and oversees

In the HorseDream team building training the participants move through these four stages in one and a half or two days, therefore creating a powerful feeling of connectivity that will be transferred back to everyday work.

The value of this team building in UAE is precisely here:
Moving the team members into a position where they can collaborate with much more ease, and perform as a team, rather than struggling everyday in the office to become a unity.

Get in touch today to find out the benefits for your team and how to book.

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