Mental health issues related to technology

How horses can help with the mental health crisis

Digitization is conquering more and more areas of people's lives and creating mental health issues related to technology. 

What contribution can equine-assisted interventions make to keeping people in a digital-analogue balance?

Equine-assisted interventions can provide a unique opportunity for people to disconnect from the digital world and connect with the physical world in a meaningful way.
In today's world, not only in Dubai but all over the modern world where people are increasingly connected to their digital devices and spend less time outdoors and engaging in physical activities, horse-assisted interventions can serve as a valuable tool for promoting physical activity and mindfulness.

Horse-guided interventions like the ones me and my colleagues offer in the United Arab Emirates typically involve working with horses in a structured setting, such as a therapy or coaching session, out in nature. 

Mental health issues technology digitisation equine assisted

The activities can range from basic horse care and grooming, to observing the herd, interacting and walking with the horses to more advanced activities such as riding or groundwork exercises.
But they all take place outdoors, in and with nature, with animals, surrounded by trees, birds and flowers.

The specifically chosen activities can help individuals develop a deeper understanding of their body, emotions, and the environment around them. In this way, horse guided empowerment sessions can serve as a way for individuals to balance their digital lives with their analog lives by engaging in physical activity, connecting with nature, and promoting mindfulness.

Horse guided empowerment sessions can be especially beneficial for individuals who struggle with addiction or mental health issues related to technology and digital devices. Research has shown that spending too much time on digital devices can lead to a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and addiction.
Equine-assisted interventions can help individuals develop healthy coping strategies and reduce their reliance on digital devices as a way to cope with stress or anxiety, and together with the coach find other ways to regulate their nervous systems. 

In summary, equine-assisted interventions can contribute to keeping people in digital-analogue balance by providing a unique opportunity to engage in physical activity, connect with nature, and promote mindfulness.

By providing individuals with the tools and strategies to balance their digital lives with their analogue lives, equine-assisted interventions can help individuals live healthier, more balanced lives.

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