Leadership quality 

Developing human capabilities in the office

Why is the quality of leadership more relevant now than ever before? And how can you develop it, in yourself, and in your organization?

Good and qualitative leadership is essential when companies go through times of change, but also during business as usual.
A leadership team that has the capability to drive business strategy, implement change and cultivate innovation will always move an organization forward.

Underperforming leadership quality however can negatively affect the quality of business decisions, decrease trust in a business both from internal and external stakeholders and create low employee engagement.

So how do you cultivate engagement and trust?

Engagement both from employees as well as from external stakeholders like customers, suppliers and partners requires the following parameters from a companies' leadership team:

  • Reliability 
  • Trust
  • Respect


Reliability refers to decisions that are consistent.
Managers need to hold their promises and actions need to be aligned with words. Regardless if times are good or bad. Else, trust will not persist.


Trust is earned,

Respect is given,

and loyalty is demonstrated.

Betrayal of any of those is to lose all three.

Trust has different meanings, and is reciprocal. You need to trust yourself, and trust in your employees capabilities.
Give them new opportunities and allow them the freedom to try for themselves. Trust that they can do this.

Doubt and self-doubt are often the root of many problems in relationships between people. 


The counter element to trust is respect. 
These two qualities need to be balanced for any harmonious relationship, both in personal as well as business. 

Too much trust means you will not be respected.
Too much respect can easily flip to fear.

How can you improve leadership quality in your company?

All the above mentioned qualities of leadership are very human and emotional skills. You don't teach these in a book, and they are not just learned theoretically.

So how you can develop leadership skills at a deeper level, for the highest motivation of your employees and thus the success of your company?

The fastest way to practice these is in our very experiential leadership trainings with horses.
I offer them in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but also in other parts of the world, in cooperation with our worldwide network of facilitators.

Benefits of a training with horses

Although it may initially seem expensive, a training with horses is in fact one of the fastest methods of getting to the core and working on long lasting change and leadership quality:

  • Outdoors in nature and safe
  • Small groups for optimized learning
  • Full embodied and non-verbal learning - for memorable impressions
  • No judgement, hence participants remain open to new ideas
  • Experiential learning - the horses allow for trial and error
  • Immediate and clear feedback

If you can lead a horse, you can lead anyone!

Contact me today for a chat on how we can customize a training day for your company and what the investment would be. You will not regret it!

"I can genuinely say it was the best leadership team meeting of my career and we will all remember it for a very long time."

Stephan Stauffer, General Manager, Arabian Ethicals
United Arab Emirates

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