Inclusion and diversity at the workplace

Inclusion and tolerance are big topics at the moment.
Many companies are willing to create more diverse teams, and the government is requesting for Emiratization and inclusion of people of determination. 
But how can we create effective change?
How can we truly include everyone in the workplace and benefit from the different strengths and capabilities?
What is required to ensure that every single person in the team is fully embracing this change?

Find out more about our unique inclusion workshops - with horses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Riyadh

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Equine therapy has shown to have a positive effect and is becoming widely recognized in helping many people - from children with determination to war veterans or senior citizens.

Also management and leadership training with horses is more and more taken into consideration in the offices to practice leadership in a way no other training can provide.

Hence, it makes total sense to combine these modalities! 

The core of equine assisted coaching: understanding our uniqueness

What most coaching work with horses aims at is to show people who they truly are in their heart.

This is the empowering part - understanding who you are, what matters to you, what your strengths are, and not comparing yourself to others. 

In a team training, we will observe each other and see how you are leading the horse different to your colleagues.
What this comparison shows very quickly is that no two people lead the same way, and yet everyone achieves the goal!
But everyone in their own unique way.

E.g. if 5 people lead the same horse around a few cones and back:

  • One is going to hold a tight grip on the rope whilst the other one gives the horse a lot more freedom.
  • One person is going to walk the path slower and more careful, the other faster and focused.
  • One will be looking clearly towards the end goal, the other one paying attention to the small details along the path, another one maybe even walking backwards to keep a protective eye on the horse, etc.

And so at the end, when everyone has reached the goal, the biggest and clearest takeaway is that it doesn't really matter - and that it is fine, and normal, to be different.

We are all unique.
And this is only one of many activities that we do and where the feedback of the horses highlights our uniqueness.

How can we help your team be more inclusive?

If you have a team with different personalities and capabilities and feel that they are not always working together, or you want to include minorities and are not sure if everyone is on board - book a training day with the horses.
Through various individual and team activities we get your people to:

  • Understand everyone's strengths and weaknesses
  • have open and honest conversations with each other 
  • work together as a truly aligned team - because the horses very quickly highlight if one of the team members is not involved and show us what it means to collaborate
  • Spend a great time outdoors, in nature, connecting to each other
  • Receive a written team culture report from us - how is your team working together? What are the areas for improvement? Where do their values and beliefs differ?

Working with the Equestrian Association for People of Determination, we have all the facilities and know how to bring together people from a variety of backgrounds and facilitate workshops for truly inclusive teams.

Speak to us to receive more details, customization options and prices!

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