How to connect with nature

How to connect with nature - around you, as well as your own inner nature.

To me, the connection to nature is essential to life. 
Even when I am in the city, it is the small things that connect me with nature - feeling the wind on my skin, hearing a bird sing, looking up at the sky and the sun, and seeing a beautiful plant.
No matter where in the world you life - even in the desert, which is where I have been living since 2016, there is so much nature if you stop to notice it.

I have often enough heard friends say to me:
How can you live in Dubai? There is no nature there!

Truth is, it is always up to you to see and define nature! 

Nature is all around us

It comes purely down to awareness.

And nature can take many forms.
It can mean a dark green forest and lush grass.

But nature can also be that one bush that is fighting for survival in the hot desert sand, and blooms so beautifully despite all the hard ships.

Look beneath the surface

Some people look at the sea and see only endless water, nothing else.

Others take their googles and look beneath the surface to find an amazing underwater world that lives almost in a parallel world to ours, filled with families, love, fun and adventures. The world of fish is only visible to those who look beneath the surface.

Sometimes we have to make an effort to go and find nature - if we live in a densely populated area, we might wish to take a bus and drive out of the city on a weekend. 
Most cities allow us the possibility.

And I find that it is always worth it - making an effort to discover what lies beneath the surface. 

Connecting youth to nature

I find it increasingly important to ensure that children and teenagers get a chance to connect with nature.
They are growing up in a world with less and less personal communication, where everything seems to happen through a screen, and we speak less and less in person with each other.

Instead if speaking on the phone, we send each other short text messages.
Food and orders are delivered contactless to our door step, and we hardly ever look another person in the eye to truly connect.

We must ensure that our youth still values and respects the connection to others, and to nature.

Connect with nature through the horses

For that, the horses can be extremely beneficial.
They are big and impossible to miss, and their connection to humans is so pure, so direct, so honest, that they leave us no other chance than to truly connect from the heart.

Office people, adults, teenagers and children alike can benefit from spending time connecting to horses, regardless what previous experience they had with these sensitive animals.

The contact with horses brings out very human values like authenticity, clear communication, a softness, but only if we are capable of leaving our ego out of the game.

How to connect with nature

If you want to discover new ways to connect with nature - and with your inner self - contact me or another practitioner close to you to book your private horse encounter.

Let the horses guide you in how to connect with nature.

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