What is horsemanship?

Horsemanship is a widely used word and it has many different associations.
Therefore, I would like to start by first defining what horsemanship means to me - and then tell you how you can learn a thing or two about it as well.

First, let's break up the word:


That's really what it is all about, and this goes much deeper than just some techniques of waving a stick and pulling on a rope, unfortunately an association that in the past years many have come to equalize with the word.

How can you build and keep a good (horse-man) relationship?

Well, as you will know from your human relationships, this involves a lot of continuous work and effort on both sides.
Trust, respect, and the willingness to forgive.

A good relationship strongly connects two parties and gives them a sense of togetherness, of belonging.
At the same time, in a good relationship everyone should have the freedom he needs to develop personally.
If one gives up everything for the other, or if one partner treats the other as not equal, the relationship can never be a true, empowering partnership.

The same is true for a good relationship between human and rider.

For a list of good horseman I keep following or from which I have learnt a lot, see here my list of recommended resources.

What makes a good horseman?

A few things which all good horseman have in common are:

  • They treat the horse like a sentient being with feelings and intelligence
  • They teach the horse based on cooperation, not dominance
  • They don't work with a set agenda - instead, they listen to what the horse is offering and work on that
  • They rely on their instincts and not on what others are telling them
  • They gain the trust and respect of the horse by being absolutely dependable and honest

As you will notice, all the above horsemanship features have nothing to do with technique, but rather with personality.

Being a good horseman is also about being a good person, and it is not something that can be achieved in a weekend course. It takes time and effort, but if we would have more good horseman, I believe we could also have a much better world!

"Horsemanship" courses

I am more than happy to assist in your relationship with your horse.
I can meet you and your horse in the UAE or surroundings countries.
I also offer courses to non-horse owners with riding school horses in Dubai.

I will watch you, film you, give you tips and practice with you and your horse on a regular basis.

But most importantly, my job is to get you on the right path, to raise your level of awareness for what the horses are telling you, and to build your self-confidence.

Then, you have to find your own personal style of working and playing with horses, same like I did!
The techniques you use are much less important than your feelings and emotions.
With some help and practice, you will develop your own technique that brings the message across. Over time you and your horse can have an amazing relationship - the kind of partnership you always dreamed of.

Horses are extremely cooperative and forgiving - how else could we be riding, locking up and using such a strong animal for our pleasure, if it wasn't for their softness towards humans?
However, just because we can do it, we don't have to misuse these beautiful creatures.

Let us instead work on positive, encouraging horsemanship!

What's app or call today on +971 50 2512 480 if you would like to learn to listen to horses, and would like to work on a better relationship with them.

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