A new executive leadership training program in UAE

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Are you curious about our unique executive leadership training program in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Coaching with horses teaches existing and future leaders about becoming aware.
It is about finding your authentic presence and purpose, and to become the best you personally can be!

Through the lessons with horses and nature, you will learn how to cope with the challenges of today's world, and will emerge as authentic leader to serve the people in your life.


Let's go through this step by step.
In a first exercise, we encourage participants in our executive leadership training program to become aware.

It is my belief, and that of most of my EAHAE colleagues, that we don't want to preach or "coach" others by telling them what and how to do things. This is not a classroom style teaching - we want you to become aware of your own solutions and really experience the change you want to initiate!

Becoming aware of your surroundings, your own feelings and emotions, and your body is therefore the first step to notice where you are and what is important to you.

But just not to you.
For a good leader it is also important to take notice of the feelings and problems of those around you, to notice that everyone is different and is at different stages in their life and career. You can therefore not treat everyone in your team the same way.

Sounds logical, right?
But how often in our daily lives to we really take those 5 minutes to really feel, hear and sense what is going on around us? To take a step back and observe before jumping to conclusions? To listen attentively to what others are telling us, and to look each other in the eyes?

Unfortunately, with life's beat getting faster and faster and lots of electronic devices to distract us, this awareness seems to become more and more difficult to achieve.

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This is about your own purpose and fulfillment, but also about instilling a shared purpose in teams.
We can learn a lot from the social structure of the horse herd and their collective wisdom. 

A horse alone in nature is a dead horse, and it is only the belonging to the herd which gives the prey animal horse a chance of survival. Therefore, them staying together creates mutual benefit for a common purpose.

We humans have created a culture of individuals, we are not really a herd anymore.
A herd is a collective that shares leadership in the best interest of the whole. A herd respects the natural resources and the forces of nature, listening to the call of the wild.

By observing the herd, we can learn a lot about how we are stronger together than alone, about interconnected relationships actions.

Being your best self

Yet, the individual purpose is also very important for us humans. We can only be truly happy and satisfied with our lives, if we find our own purpose and strive to be our best self. We are only truly and intrinsically motivated if we work towards a goal that is important for us personally.

Recognizing and admitting what is important to us is therefore of paramount importance.
By listening to the horses, listening to your own deeper motives and acknowledging them, can help you to find your true purpose in life and in return strive to become your best self, in the interest of the common good.

An authentic leader

Horses are always looking for a leader to follow and keep them safe.
By listening to their instincts, they are capable to differentiate in an instant between wanna-bees and authentic leaders.
Therefore, there is no better partner to test your authenticity and learn through direct, honest and non-offending feedback what it means to be an authentic leader: someone who leads with charisma and from a place of inner strength rather than a job title.

How can you benefit from this extraordinary executive leadership training program in the UAE?

We offer on demand corporate courses as well as individual coaching. If you are unsure if the work with horses is right for you and your team, speak to me first and book a non obligatory encounter with the animals I work with!
Get more details about the seminars and let us customize a program for your specific requirements.
Most courses are run as one day experiential learning, either stand alone or as part of a long term learning journey in partnership with various well know local training agencies, like CCM Consulting and others. 

I look forward to meeting you and letting you experience this unique executive leadership training program!

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