Dubai university students train their leadership skills

Dubai university students can train to become better future leaders in our practical workshops with horses.

Following the success of equine assisted leadership courses for corporate managers, these outdoor trainings are now also available for university students in UAE.
We believe it is imperative that future leaders not only learn the theoretics of business, administration and economics, but also start early to fine tune their soft skills and capabilities to become influential, motivating and pro-active team members of the corporate world.

Even if it may still be a while until they get to lead teams on their own, understanding what it means to lead can also help in becoming a more collaborative team member, which then results in earlier chances to get promoted, as well as to improve efficiency and communication within the existing team.

future leaders are trained with horses - Dubai and Abu Dhabi university students get to experience leadership

Understanding the "real" corporate world

Horses are very down to earth.
They communicate clearly, don't mince matters, and have the ability to open our eyes to the simple truth.

Horses get down to facts quickly, and with a little help from the human facilitator, make it easy to understand what really matters.

During university studies, we are often bombarded with so many old and new theories, metaphers, formulas and codes, that we forget to grasp that the real corporate world is actually very human, and not so theoretical any more.

The jump from university life to business world can be quite disillusioning, depending on how well your professors prepared you.

So why not try a different way to experience leadership in it's raw form, in our one day course in the United Arab Emirates?

Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Dubai university students

No matter where in the UAE you are studying, speak to your university leadership about possibility to gain practical experience in our one day HorseDream campus.
Some of the aspects we find important and which we emphasize are:

  • Respect for yourself and others
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Clarity in communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration

What is required?

You don't need any prior experience with horses.
We have even had many participants who were actually scared of horses when they came to us - we make sure that all participants stay safe, at the same time we will also show you how gentle, and sensitive these big animals actually are.

The training comprises of a one day course (usually 8 hours) starting with safety guidelines and an outline of what you can expect during the seminar. We then let you try different practical exercises on the ground with the horses, followed by some theory intervals and feedback rounds.

We offer special rates for university courses, because we find it crucial to support and strengthen the leaders of tomorrow.
Speak to us today to discuss the possibilities and available dates for your UAE or Dubai university.

It is always amazing to see how in a very short time perspectives change, new insights are gained, barriers brake down and many "Aha" moments lead to a successful day of learning.

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