Business coaching for women in the United Arab Emirates

I offer business coaching for women together with the help of horses.
And - you don't need any horse experience to benefit from this, on the contrary, if you are scared of horses or nervous around them, you will benefit tremendously from this unique type of coaching.

Women in the United Arab Emirates are more and more tasked with important leadership roles in this country, which is amazing. At the same time, this puts a lot of pressure on us.
Female leaders need to be assertive and strong, need to be able to communicate with people from all different cultures,  to show empathy and often at the same time juggle household, family and more. 

Why horses?

women business coaching dubai uae

Horses can be invaluable allies in business coaching for women due to their unique ability to foster leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and confidence.
Equine-assisted leadership programs like the one I offer in Dubai offer hands-on experiences where women learn to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and establish trust—all crucial skills in professional environments.

Interacting with horses requires assertiveness and adaptability, traits often valued in leadership roles.

Additionally, the non-verbal feedback horses provide helps women develop self-awareness and hone their intuition, empowering them to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with finesse. Ultimately, partnering with horses in business endeavors can equip women with the tools they need to thrive as influential leaders in any industry.

How can female leaders benefit from a coaching with horses?

The reason why our coaching with horses is so effective and time efficient is that it helps you very quickly identify what you are already good at and where you struggle. And rather than just talking about solutions, you get to try and test them right away in the paddock. 

Let's take as an example assertiveness - if a woman  cannot clearly communicate where she wants to go and is insecure when asked to lead a horse, the horse will simply continue to eat grass and ignore her.
So within a few minutes of starting the coaching session, we get a clear reaction what we need to work on.
I will then coach the client to change her body language, her intention and her mindset towards her goals.
The moment she can truly embody this new belief, the horse will show a different reaction and follow her easily wherever she goes. 

This success - a 500kg animal suddenly trusting and following the leader - is a visual image that stays for a long time, and this feeling can then be replicated in work related situations (or even at home, for example with children).

We teach women that to be effective in their leadership, they don't need to be overly aggressive or loose themselves.
It's all just about having the right mindset and self-confidence.

How does a business coaching for women with horses work?

We have seen best results and big changes in a series of 7 individual coaching sessions.

  • 3 sessions of 90 min at Desert Palm Dubai with the herd of horses to practice desired behavior and outcomes in a safe, non judgemental learning environment
  • In between each horse coaching we will schedule a 60 min session in your office or home for video analysis and learning transfer
  • One 90 min session in the office or online for psychometric analysis using the Humantelligence software 

Cost: 7,900 AED per woman

Within these 7 sessions, we will

  • Identify your behaviors, motivators and areas of improvement on a very personal level
  • Design specific activities with the horses (from the ground only, no riding) to work on the areas you wish to tackle, for example anxiety, self-confidence, assertiveness, communication etc
  • Reflect from different angles on what your strengths are and what you should focus on
  • Make an action plan to ensure the learning is transferred back to business

Who is the coach?

Monica business coaching for women uae

A German national raised as an expat child in Latin America, I have been living in Dubai since 2006, after finishing my studies of economics in Germany.During my first years in Dubai, I worked for a large German company organizing trade exhibitions and at a young age was trusted with leadership roles, interacting with CEO's and leaders from different fields and taking action fast.

In 2016 I turned my passion into a new career and since then work with horses to help people get a clearer picture of themselves.

I hold various certifications:
I am a Licensed Partner for HorseDream©, a method focused on corporate leadership training.
I am an Embodiment Coach as well as Certified Practitioner of Horse Guided Empowerment© and currently head the Middle East division, training new facilitators and spreading knowledge about how horses can help people in their emotional wellbeing.

I am the founder of FeelQuest Retreats, offering local and international retreats - a multi day coaching journey for women with horses to find our true self and transform during their travels.
My main passion is to offer simple, effective and down to earth views in an increasingly complex world.
And I enjoy surrounding myself with interesting, strong women who all support each other!

Interested to start?

If you are interested to start your coaching journey and belief me and the horses can help you in your business, reach out today to schedule a short call and find out more about location, timings and available slots. Simply use this page to schedule your call:

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