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Ready for a new season?
September 22, 2021

How was your summer?
Are you looking forward to the cooler months in the UAE?

I was very lucky to have traveled this summer, got to see family again, and hosted an amazing retreat in Menorca!

We had 4 days in a wonderful location, 7 participants and 2 open sessions with people from the island.
I am so looking forward to going back next summer!

If you want to see some impressions, head over to

Next international retreat: Georgia

What I really loved about the retreat was seeing the transformations in people which don't occur just in a session, but with having time in between to reflect, to relax, and then do some more inner work.
Therefore, I am super excited about the next trip which will take us to Georgia.

On October 30th, 8 participants will meet Maria and myself in Tbilisi, where after the first night in this beautiful city we are taken to Vashlovani National Park.

There, we are staying 5 nights in a guesthouse amidst a herd of 70 horses, who spend their days grazing freely around the house.
There will be nothing else except us, the horses, and lots of nature. And a lot of time to think, reflect, literally retreat from our busy lives and find ourselves again.

All information about the retreat is on our website:

If you want to join this unique trip, don't miss our Q&A call this Friday where you can see the other interested people, and ask us any questions about Georgia!

Join our scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Live Q&A FeelQuest Retreat Georgia
Time: Sep 24, 2021 07:00 PM Dubai Meeting ID: 833 2290 1031
Passcode: soso

Retreat in Abu Dhabi

And if you cannot travel, then join us locally in Abu Dhabi!

On November 19 and 20, we are staying the weekend at the majestic Al Wathba Luxury Resort and Spa, a place that feels like from a fairy tale of 1001 nights!

Having the horses amidst this luxurious setting, with the desert in the background, is absolutely stunning and unique, and it was by far one of the most beautiful settings I have worked in!

Early bird deadline expires on October 15th, therefore sign up now at:

And then of course, there is always the possibility to book a private session, or a team building, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Just reach out to me and we will chat about it!

I look forward to meeting you soon in person!

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